Areas of Practice

Law Office

Family Law

With a family of three children, Robert understands the complexities, sensitivities, and emotional feelings when dealing with family issues.  Highly empathetic, Robert offers service in family law, separation agreements, co-habitation agreements, and prenuptial agreements, along with many other family matters.

Business Law

Whether is contract law, incorporations, shareholder agreements or the plethora of other business issues, Robert Charko has been providing business legal advice and services since 1980.

Criminal and Municipal Law

Significant experience and a high court success rate, Robert is an expert on many criminal and municipal legal issues.  Contact him today to understand what excellent service he can provide.

Real Estate & Mortgages

Full suite of legal services for purchasing, renting, and any other real estate matters for residential, commercial, and industrial matters.

Wills & Powers of Attorney

We offer highly personalized service in creating and updating wills and powers of attorneys for all legal issues.

Estate Litigation & Elder Law

An expert on estate litigation and elder law issues, Robert Charko is there for your family during both times of difficulty and happiness.

Mediation Services

As an expert and qualified mediator, Robert works towards a timely, cost effective solution to multiple problems.